Space: Gender Neutral Nursery with Not So Neutral Style

07.12.11 By //
Project Image

I'm always so pleasantly surprised by neutral palettes that pack a wallop of style.  It's a bit like a sneak attack. At first, your eye gently wanders over the image and calmly browses the room…and then BAM! It hits you like a knock-out punch, and suddenly you realize that you really like this space… it's calming and yet makes your heart sing with design excitement!  The fact that it works for boys and girls, well that's just the icing on the cake. Ok, so perhaps I need to “see” someone about this, but what can I say…this is my passion and I love it in all forms, perhaps more than people sometimes (do you hear that family, if you don't behave, I'm likely to trade you in for a few choice magazine subscriptions and a nice big glass of wine!).

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