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A Color Scape for a Sunny Spot in Your Yard

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This plan is a duplicate of one I have planted in my yard and have enjoyed the color arrangement on very much. This plan includes sun worshiper plants, some of which request 6+ hours of full sun. So in the Sacramento summertime heat it works well! I think it might do even better if it was a little less hot, so for those of you in slightly cooler climates, this just might thrive. Always check your zone before you plant or buy!

I have included a large fiberglass pot in this land scape to add more height variation. This is something I tend to do frequently and really enjoy. It is placed in the ground (dug-in) about 2 inches below the surface of the soil and I have planted the lavender in it.

This is the planting plan below, and shows you the type of plants and approximately where to plant them in relation to the other plants in the Color-Scape.

Always abide by the plant spacing requirements listed for each plant – they will get bigger and you will want to enjoy that to the fullest! Planting them too closely will result in a lack of growth to their full potential and will result in under nourishment and the need to further space them at a later date. Might as well do it right the first time!

Kind of looks like an elephant don't you think? I assure you it doesn't look this way when planted!

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