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Brass Tacks and Riding Boots

08.19.11 By //

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Inspired by Fashion…translated into fabulous decor.


Sourced: 1.  Perhaps the coolest pair of Riding Boots I have seen in a while.  A trend I hope doesn't leave us too quickly.. 2.  Eames Chair, speaks for itself… 3.  Etirement Lamp by Remi Bouhaniche reminds me of a French Bombe (French term for a riding hat because of the shape) 4.  Black & Brass Candelabra, little bit rustic, little bit refined, whole lotta cool. 5.  Handmade Scarf, reminds me of a bridle and would be fabulous paired with a simple tank or peaking out from under a fitted blazer (with riding boots, of course).  6. Clock with a decidedly retro feel and yet a very modern appearance. 7.  Field Notes notebook for the stylish jotting down of thoughts.  8.  Collection of Jane Austen's works in Black & Brass hardcover.  9.  Vintage Desk Lamp, well oxidized and fabulous.  10. Brass Watch that I will likely be purchasing for myself in the near future.  11.  Vintage Shipping Box, if this could be translated into a trunk or a bag of some sort, it would be amazing as an fashion accessory, but I will settle for an antique to display any day of the week, this one takes the cake.  12.  Vice Grip Bookends, yes very cool, that Restoration Hardware is really making it's way in the world of fabulous things these days…

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