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Jenna's Dilemma for her Master Bedroom is having furniture that can't be replaced and that feels a little to large for the space. When this happens there are 2 potential solutions: the first includes reevaluating the layout and determining if there is a better arrangement, while the second is to disguise and distract from the oversized furniture.

I think part of the problem in this room is that in addition to the furniture being very substantial, it is a dark color as well. This only acts to add to the visual weight of the furniture in comparison to the room, with light colored walls.

Luckily for Jenna, the furniture she is “stuck” with happens to be beautiful! Our focus needs only to be on softening the appearance of it and lightening the visual weight.

She mentioned that she really likes the Coastal Chic Design Style and I don't blame her, it really is quite fabulous and for softening the look of her furniture, it might be just what the Design Doctor ordered!

Here is her new design plan:

Let's take a quick peak at the current state of things:

Not bad right? But you can see her concern is valid.

The Deets:

I have layered her room in shades of blue with gray, beige and white as accents. I have added some texture and natural elements and I challenge her to put her painting abilities to good use and give some of this art a go…

The idea behind some of the wall decor pieces I choose are simply the colors or mood they suggest. I love to mix that sun shiny feeling with a little bit of doom and gloom. Sounds strange maybe, but as you can see above, the mix of tones is quite amazing!

Replicas of this art don't need to be exact or even that similar, assuming they use an approximate color palette as is seen above.

Let's get down to business, shall we?

1. Paint color is Kelley Moore: Snip of Tanin and it actually works beautifully for this design plan.

2. These prints are stunning, but since she mentioned having a bit of know how when it comes to acrylic paints…I think she can tackle this herself using similar colors.

3. I used this faux botanical from PB here, but I feel that any stem of sparse flowers placed in a clear glass vase with sand as vase fill would be wonderful and would cost less than $10 from stem to stern if the vase is purchased at the dollar store or a local discount store and the sand is “purchased” from a local playground.

4. Set of 3 Sea Life Watercolor Prints framed in a bright white rather deep & substantial frame. Could be HACKED by someone who knows how to paint with watercolors, though I feel an idea brewing on a less complicated and skilled type of HACK.  More to come on that…

5. These table lamps add an amazing natural texture, and I am feeling like this is a style that can be HACKED!  Stay tuned for a tutorial on this in the next week or so.

6. I am replacing her fan with a chandelier.  For this Mood Board I used this one from Ballard Designs, but I would really like for her to purchase this one from Ikea and haphazardly spray paint it with an antique white paint.

7. This Print is definitely a bit doom and gloom, and I am feeling like this could be replicated fairly easily.  You could add paint to a canvas in a relatively geometric way, and accomplish a similar result.

8. A smattering of silver candlesticks with sea foam colored candle would be a romantic touch here, she can purchase candles in this color at her local dollar store and she can find a couple candlesticks there as well and hit them with a bit of mirrored spray paint. Having each candlestick be different and choosing 4-5 of them in varying heights would be ideal.  Michael's, the Goodwill Store and local discount stores would also be great places to look for random candlesticks.

9. This is the bedding she purchased and the color is perfect!  The gray swatch underneath this represents a quilt they were given for their wedding that is special to her..and it also is fabulous with the bedding.

10. Decorative Throw Pillows found at the same site as the above bedding, but I would like for her to peruse her local discount stores first for pillows in whites, beiges, blues and grays with decorative detailing or stripes.  If she can sew, heading to the fabric store is another way to make her own.

11. I love these window treatments for the stormy color and the texture they bring.  $44.99 for the pair.

12. Birds…who doesn't love birds?

13. This Enchanted Print is amazing, but with some stormy blues and a bit of rust and black, I thin she could tackle this!

14. DIY Decorative Accessories: burlap wreath and a vase filled with sand and seashells.

15. This sea grass rug adds fabulous texture and can likely be found at a discount store for less.

16. Decorative Accessories from PB.  I am providing the links for these items but would love for her to peruse the local discount stores for items of a similar nature and her craft store for unfinished wooden candlesticks and holders to age with a whitewashed finish.  They don't need to be exact.

I am also recommending she begin a collection of books that are gray, beige, white, or light blue in color to add visual interest to her space.

I did not include a book shelf as she was wondering if there might be room for, rather I suggest she adds stacks or rows of boosk throughout to use a pedestals for her accessories or simply to display.

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