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Re-Style: Design your Eco-Friendly Fabric

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Those of you who spend time with me on my Facebook Fanpage are probably aware by now of my frequently mentioned obsession with Throw Pillows and Fabric.  Of course I have several obsessions at any given time, but a few of them remain constant.  Fabric is one of them, and I know I'm not alone here (ahem…).

One of the most typical complaints, heard from those who are interested in purchasing Eco-Friendly Fabrics, is about the lack of readily available and stylish choices that can be found.  While this is improving at a rapid pace, it still remains an issue for most of us.

I wanted to share this fun and fabulous Source Book: Company – Spoonflower, with you all, that for their part, helps solve the stylish and available factor.  The cost for these fabric choices is a bit higher than I personally tend to spend, coming in at $18-$32 per yard…but…what is so amazing about this company is that you can print your own fabric designs with no minimum order!  Their textile printing is eco-friendly as are the fabrics they use.  Having the option to design my own prints and order them for use is just beyond my wildest dreams.  Simply draw and scan or design on the computer…upload, and order!  Simple as can be…(insert squeeling with delight sounds here…)

You can also purchase designs that have been previously uploaded to their site, so if designing is not for you, then purchasing is still an option!

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