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State Fair Spectacular and The Littlest Deer Ever

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A few weeks back we had the pleasure of venturing out to our California State Fair and a Spectacular Spectacle it was…

It’s been a while since I have been to the State Fair and it was a bit of an eye opener. It was interesting to say the least. I especially enjoyed the Christian Led Zepplin cover band. Good times, good times…

It was Blake’s first time to the fair and it turned out to be pure torture for us parentals. Fairly certain it was triple digit temps that day and even though we chose to go late afternoon, it was truly too hot to enjoy anything for the first couple of hours. Even for Blakey…

We tried to stick with the indoor activities and things to see until the sun wasn’t so directly overhead and sweltering. With a toddler, the indoor stuff went over like a lead balloon…naturally… with the exception of the air force section and engine parts which of course he adored!

Can you tell from his dazed appearance that it was H-O-T?

Despite initial smiles and fun, we had tears on the Dumbo ride…

But the jeeps were a hit! Gotta love those cars…all cars all the time!

The best part of the entire fair, except for fried twinkie which I finally got to try (amazing!) was this crazy petting zoo.

The animals are always a big hit for my boy also..oh he loves those baby animals. Apparently so did everyone else! That was the best $4 I have ever spent. There were so many odd creatures in this little barnyard petting zoo. Most of the folks in there were adults and we all seemed to share the same questioning sentiments of “is it ok to touch this thing?”, “I have never even seen one of these things…what the heck is it?”, oh it was amazing.

This little tiny dear was so small I couldn’t bear to leave it behind, I thought about putting him in my purse! I suppose they might have noticed, but I was tempted! There were wallabies and donkeys, even alpacas, all together in this crazy barnyard zoo. It was absolutely wild!

Those animals were a crazy bunch, but that alpaca was such a noble soul.

I would love to say this was good clean fun, but there was really nothing clean about this little adventure and we all left thoroughly sticky and stuffed with cotton candy and frozen blackberry merlot slushies…well some of us…ok me. I have to say, whoever thought of the genius frozen wine slushies deserves a trophy, and it was pretty much the only thing that saved the hubs and I from a heat stroke (at least I’d like to think so…)!

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