A Hudson Nightstand for Mom

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Teresa, just like me, has more furniture than she knows what to do with! Which is a problem if you want to build stuff.. The Solution: Build stuff for other folks… yahoo! Since her mom had a special request for her bedside table, the hudson nightstand was a perfect solution for her to modify according to her mom's particular height requirement! A bit taller than the standard plan calls for, this table turned out so beautifully don't you think?

Length of Time 

About a week off and on.

Lumber Used 

Teresa: “I had to make some alterations only because I didn't feel comfortable with making all the mitered corners on the trim pieces for each side and for the top. I just put a trim of 1×2 on the top and bottom of each side and I ended up using my Kreg jig and making the top out of 3-1x6s since that is what I had on hand. The bottom shelf I cut the same dimensions as the nightstand and notched out the corners. I did buy some cute trim with leaves carved out to glue and tack on around the top of my 1×6 jigged top to add a little more character. I also just added another front piece on the drawer to bring it out to the front of the dresser since I didn't use the mitered 1x2s.”

Finishing Technique 

Stain and Poly

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