Reader Showcase // The Chesapeake Saga

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Reader Showcase for the Chesapeake Dining Table and Banquettes

To say that June's experience with this collection was frustrating for her, might be an understatement of epic proportions. To say that these projects were similar in nature to the ongoing bed project of my own…yes, that would be fairly accurate. Sometimes you just have those builds, that drag on or throw every curve ball at you known to man. I think this was one of those for her! But…she was able to not only get these finished, she got them done just in time for a party. I think the celebration was twofold for her, what do you think? Ever have one of those builds that had problem after problem with tools breaking (me), lumber flaws (me), problems with your attachments (me), and just when you think everything is peachy…BAM you break something off trying to turn your table over by yourself…sigh. June had this last one happen, poor thing, it's enough to make you want to hide in a corner and cry yourself sleep! I have had this exact thing happen too…grrr. But you would NEVER know it, would you? It's perfection…all 3 pieces are a little slice of heaven! OR a big slice depending on your take on things! Xx… Rayan

Length of Time 

The Table probably only took about a week or so to build and I think she finished both Banquettes in about a week or so as well! She had a goal of finishing before her party and she did! Go team go…

Lumber Used 

She used Cedar! Isn't it amazing?

Finishing Technique 

She did the most beautiful stain on her pieces… not sure exactly what she used but it looks warm and gorgeous!

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