The Barn Silo Bookshelf Build

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I had to change a few things with this build, but it all worked out just fine!

Overall, I am pleased with the result. The structure is very sturdy, and if I had to guess it weighs about 50-60 lbs.

Thank you so much! It was a pleasure building this. I look forward to my next project.

Estimated Cost 

We ended up paying about $120, but we had to buy a jigsaw ($30), countersink, and got higher quality paint (about $35 for the red, brown and yellow).

Length of Time 

I put in about 8 hours total over a week and a half, but if I had some more wood working experience it would been haven faster.

Finishing Technique 

I thought I had enough red paint to do all of the barn walls and backboard, but the sheen we got was way too glossy and took several coats and we ran out. I had plenty of white from doing our house so I just went with that for the backboard. The dividers are red by mistake, I got ahead of myself with the painting and didn’t look at the picture. The red dividers go well with the white backboard so I am happy none the less. I freehanded the yellow on the silo and left out some detail, I think it gives it a more “cartoonish” look. I didn’t want this to be a work of art anyway being that it is for my kids, and will see its share of bumps and bangs. The hayloft door is simply painted on out of personal preference.

I cut the roof panels wrong when I was cutting the 1 x 12’s. They were all too long. When I was cutting the ¼” plywood to fit I just made up the roof shape, so it’s a bit taller than what the plans called for. I have no idea why I did this but it worked. I then cut the roof panels down to size and it worked out nicely.

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