Zachary's Low Loft Bunk

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First of all I have to thank you for the great plans and design. I had been wanting to do something with my little man's room for sometime. We had his toys in the basement and this was due a little lack of space. On top of that, he loves having a fort to play in, so this seemed like the best design idea. I searched everywhere for plans, kits, and even thought about purchasing one from a store, then I found your site!

Length of Time 

The project took a little longer than I wanted, I didn't realize how much sanding would need to be done, and on top of that we had some very hot and humid days. I will say that cutting, sanding, and staining was a life saver though, and there was no way it would fit through a door assembled.

Finishing Technique 

I had intentions of painting the bed, but worried about a color that would match with everything. Also, I knew this would be a big piece of his room, so I decided to stain it. I first purchased some 2 in 1 stain and polyurethane in a Pecan color. I tested it after being built, but was not happy with it. The posts are Douglas Fir, and the rest Pine, but they had very different colors. So I decided to go darker, and went with a stain only of English Chestnut. A neighbor suggested to then coat it with the Pecan and see what it did. I was amazed how the dark stain first took to the wood, but somehow the Pecan 2 in 1, popped out the dark color, and also lightened it at the same time.

So after it was all done, including a going from a light green room, to a blue and white striped room, he came home for his week with me, and was so excited to see it done. He said “Daddy did you build it for me? I want to sleep in it forever!!!”

Anyway, thanks again. As you will see in the photos, he loves it, and to be honest, I wish I had one now 🙂

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