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At this point I am fairly certain most of you are aware of my Office Craft Space Transformation in Progress (you can read up on those projects: here,here, here and here)… But no space is complete without a bit of art, am I right? So art we shall create, since buying art isn’t always an option! This is a fun little project, with no particular rules… this means you really can’t screw it up! Yay! We created this fun painting a while back, and the painting we are working on today is going to be a bit different in technique and obviously in result as well…so I hope you like it, or it at the very least inspires you to give painting a try!

First things first…get your supplies ready. I use egg cartons as my paint holders. Helps me keep the color separate yet visible and easily mixable if need be. I also tend to stick with one brush throughout a project like this and the fine friend you see below is precisely the perfect brush for this particular project. It’s a 1″ brush with flat blunt bristles.

I began with the white and black blending at the top and bottom and kept applying a tiny bit of either white or black until it was a nice gray, black, white blend. I used a side to side brush technique for this entire project. Simply sweeping the brush back and forth, back and forth until it was a consistency I was happy with.

Then I began to add the color! I tried to keep it slightly in line with a very colorful sunset but I went a bit crazy with it, adding greens, and dark pinks… just have fun with this part!

Once you have slapped some color on your canvas, you can begin to blend and shape things. This is a good time to make sure you like the layout of your color placement and that it makes sense to you! You can see below I added back in a bit more black and gray over the top of my crazy sunset. I was feeling like things were getting a bit out of control and needed to reign it on in!

To finish off this fun little project, I added more gray, black and white over the top of the sunset colors, but only on the right side as if a storm is moving in from that direction. The finishing touch was to add a few drips of black paint as an abstracted version of rain drops…just a few! I hope some of you who don’t consider yourselves painters (like me) give painting a try. Even if the finished product looks like smut…you did it, and probably enjoyed it!

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