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There is something about the laundry room that has always left much to be desired in my opinion. Some are extremely functional with everything you might need, but it's not as though they draw you in, eager to get started on the chore of doom. In my house laundry is always being done… it's just not necessarily always being folded or put away. I never mind the washing, but once it's done, I prefer to let it sit in a very clean fabulous smelling pile of stuff that I will never get to. Sigh… I hate putting it away. So I have laundry room organization on the brain, and once I'm finished with my office transformation, it's going to move right along into the laundry room with the hopes of it becoming America's Next Top Model! It seems whenever I need a little kick in the right direction I channel Tyra? Who knew…

I think it's fairly obvious that a tv in the laundry room would definitely make it more motivating. Ample counter space and storage seem to be consistent, along with bright, light and airy feeling decor and finishes. I think I see a laundry reno in my near future… Of course without the actual reno part since I'm a renter. Perhaps a Non Reno Renter Friendly Revamp? Yes please…

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