12 Art Projects You Can Absolutely Try Yourself

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That’s right… while many of these amazing works of art are not DIY tutorials, they can absolutely provide you with enough inspiration to get the ball rolling on your own. You can do this… I know you can, because I can, and if I can, you can, since I don’t have any special artistic super powers… and I know I can! So you totally can..

The first abstract work of art is stunning and I know this can be done using colors of your choice because I made my own abstract paintings here and here. The second abstract might be the easier of the two since it requires a little less artistic prowess to create diagonal lines than to attempt a landscape of sorts.

A simple Computer printout and a little mod podge on wood or mdf, will get this first typographic work of art started on the right foot! Those shiny letters are fabulous and can easily be recreated using dimes and wooden or cardboard letters purchased from your local crafty store!

A Book Collage! Super cool… And very likely more easily done by removing the main book portion and leaving only the spines to attach onto cardboard or foam board in the appropriate shape and pattern. If you were wondering what to do with all those old dust collecting books, perhaps this is it!

Overlapping Circles = genius in a most pleasing and simple way. By keeping it to similar levels of saturation in a few different complimentary colors, this type of art can be done in many publishing programs and printed on nice paper.

Perhaps the 2 pieces of art that strike me with the most excitement…

The first uses stark white paint free handed onto the lighter portions of the wood grain! Adore this… So simple.

This second sparkly pieces is fabulous with a smattering of circles punched from metallic paper and glued onto a canvas or board. You can totally do this! It’s fabulous!

Now these are decidedly more complex than meets the eye, but a more toned down (ok, dumbed down) version can easily be made.

This blue abstract color splotch reminds us that something so graphic with 2 basic colors (background color and splotch color) is stunning and beautiful. Using a blank canvas simply splash a bit of color on and pretend to give it a shape and you are good to go! Fab!

This stamped-like square watercolor beauty is almost like a pixelated image (and might actually be, who knows) and if you stick to painted watercolor squares or square potato stamped shapes in a similar pattern as you see here (their particular arrangement of light and dark and saturation) you should end up with something similar. Just be sure to follow a pattern you know will work (like this one) and you should avoid having it look like ridiculous color blocking from a 3 year old (um yes I have personal experience here). Watercolor would be amazing, but if you can’t do that, try something on the order of 10-15 different shades of blue/gray (or other color) ranging from almost white to dark navy and follow along with the image above in a paint by number (square) sort of manner.

You are in luck with this first stunner… there is a tutorial on this technique! Yahoo!

The second over-sized beauty is simple wallpaper with a frame surround. It sets a cool backdrop don’t you think?

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