Happy Halloween and My Little Dark Knight

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I hope you all had a wonderful Halloween! We celebrated in true Halloween Lover’s Fashion with deadly drinks, spooky decor, and a bit of festive fun. Our neighborhood was packed full of little ones going door to door for candy treats. It was such a magical evening for my own little Dark Knight since it was the first year he wasn’t scared to wear his costume and trick o treat!

I’m a holiday decor freak, and so of course I adore any excuse to break out the crows and skeletons, which I secretly wish had reason to live with us for the rest of the year (told you… holiday decor freak). I guess my freaky inner goth kid comes out every now and then? Not sure what else my excuse might be… I’m pretty impressed with my neighborhood’s overall participation in this scary occasion. My little block never ceases to amaze and delight us with the most haunted of holiday decor! Complete with sound effects and slide shows projected onto houses, some of the homes nearby definitely gave us a few good frightful scares! Eek.

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