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It’s been a very busy week here at the house of TDC and there is something I have learned in the process…. that it’s not only ok to be yourself, but that you really can’t excel at anything unless you are honest about who you are and where you have been. That you can’t know where you are going until you stop to pay attention to what you want. Because what you want, should dictate your every move.

What if you want a big family, great career success, good friends, to read fantastic literature day in and day out. Well… it makes no difference really as long as you acknowledge it and move forward with that motivating thought in your mind.

Keep your eye on the prize… as they say.

Now I don’t pretend that everyone wins, because in fact they don’t and life really isn’t fair….and all that jazz.

But fortune favors the brave and sometimes knowing what you want isn’t enough. Sometimes conquering your fear is the fastest way to cross the finish line. But that might be scary, in fact I guarantee it will be.

This week I conquered my fear, and while there weren’t bells and whistles with confetti falling from the sky, there was a new found inner confidence and the realization that sometimes something that seems scary is only scary the first time around… and after that, you got this… you can do this.. you are strong. You are at least stronger than you originally thought, and you are valuable, and uniquely you. And that my friends… is so completely special.

You are important, and I am honored that you care to spend time with me, because I love to spend time with you… all of you, unless you are rude and then I might prefer to scratch your eyes out a little bit. What can I say… it always goes there for me.

Hugs and love from my little pond out west.

Thank you, that’s all folks… except that I will be back in just a bit to share more, and interesting and wonderous things… yahoo!

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