22 Handmade Valentines

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These valentines are the perfect way to tell your sweetheart you love them in a handmade way! Nothing says heartfelt like handmade and these projects are both easy to do and budget friendly!

Spin the wheel, go ahead… you just might find we are the perfect match!

A secret message and a heartbreaking paper filled pouch with candy… a perfect way to add a little mystery to your holiday!

Nothing says I love you like a  pop up card or a secret miniature love note, perfect for a ring or a locket.

I’m such a sucker for you… and now you know it!

Fold it up or tuck it away, both are a fabulous way to keep your sweet nothings..

Muah, sucha big kiss for you because I chews you!

I’m off to Paint the town red with my love for you… tag you’re it!

Quit Mousin around and just tell them how you feel! This cute little hershey mouse and penciled note are the perfect way to express your feelings!

A respite from the sweet with a fabulous spot of tea and a healthy heart felt treat.

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