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How to Install A New Door Lock: My Kwikset Smart Key Lock

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I quite literally ran to my nearest Home Depot to pick out my Kwikset SmartKey Lock. You see I saw this beauty online and knew it was perfect for us! We head outdoors as often as we can and for me going on a run or walk and having to bring the keys is such a pain! This particular beauty solves that problem by allowing me a programable code to unlock the door and a quick press button to lock her on up! Fabulous…

This locking system took me maybe 30 minutes total to install. It might have taken far less time if I wasn’t attempting to install it while wrangling a kiddo and 2 dogs in the hopes they wouldn’t escape! Eek. First things first, to install a new lock, we must remove the existing lock.

This was much easier than I expected. Simply unscrew and pop that guy out of there!

Once your existing hardware has been removed you need to measure from the center of your opening to the edge of your door to determine if you need to increase the length of your deadbolt. If not… then place your lock into the opening and screw in place.

You will need to remove the battery pack from the interior assembly to make sure you have your tiny settings set to the proper on and off options and then you will place the adapter in the door opening to help accomodate the exterior assembly.

You will run the connecter wire from the exterior assembly through the adapter and inside through the mounting plate. Use your key in the exterior assembly to line things up to insert the torque blade into the crank. You will then install and secure the exterior assembly by attaching with screws through the mounting plate.

Insert the battery pack while pressing and holding the LOCK button on the keypad. Do not release until you hear 2 beeps sound. Now you are free to program your unique code for unlocking the door. Yahoo! We set 8 digit codes for ours and I set up 2 codes, one for me and one for the hubs!

I am so excited about this locking system, not only for the convenience of locking and unlocking with a key in hand but also the rekey feature this system has to keep us safe when we need to hand out a key to another perosn for any reason. I couldn’t be happier with this and now I need to get started refinishing my front door. This project only managed to really draw attention to the lack of paint where the former lock used to live, eek! Stay tuned for that project coming in the very near future!

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