Builders Showcase: Mason Activity Coffee Table

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I wanted this activity table to double as a coffee table, so I added 3″ to all the vertical pieces. With being a husband, a father of 2 little ones, and a full time service tech in the HVAC industry, this project wore me out.  I have to say it was all worth it, the kids love it and we have a piece of furniture that will stay in the family for a long time. 

-Jerry these mods are amazing and I think this is the absolute perfect coffee table, especially since they all double as a play table when there are kiddos around anyhow! genius! ~ Rayan

Estimated Cost 

As far as cost goes, with lumber, and all other materials, including finishing, I'd say around $150.  I would chalk some of the cost up to this being my first project.

Length of Time 

With that said, it probably took me longer than it should've. 

Lumber Used 

Everything is Pine.

Finishing Technique 

I did not use any wood glue, it was all pocket hole screws. I tried to match the stain that is on the entertainment center in the background.  Unfortunately I found it by using one stain on top of another (Colonial Maple on top of Early American).  Inexperience, twice the staining, and staining everything prior to construction, all helped prolong the effort.  I topped it off with 2 coats of a clear satin poly, just on the top.

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