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A Little Storage in the Master Bedroom

03.29.12 By //
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I had the most amazing pleasure of visiting The Container Store last month, as part of my attempt to make over my Master Bedroom. A bit of storage was precisely what I needed, and if a trip down yonder for a little in-store browsing and organizational drooling was required, well that was just fine by me. It takes a very ‘special’ person to want to make an entire day out of a trip to a storage mecca such as this, but apparently for me, this kind of store is practically Disneyland. Bring on the Org…. Mama needs a new set of baskety bins…

Bins with an Ombre fade? Yes please…. and paired with charcoal gray jute? Double triple yahoo…

Has there been any organizational goodness happening on your end? do tell… and don’t leave out any of those fabulous juicy storage details.. Yes I probably need help. Maybe there’s a group for this?

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Psst… check out the crazy good prices on these bad boys… unreal.

1. Horizon Crunch Can Laundry Baskets

2. Horizon Crunch Can Basket – for My extra pillows and Blankets

3. Charcoal Jute Baskets – Sadly these beauties will be used to contain all of the toys that spill over from Monster Mash’s crazy endeavors.

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