An Accidental Tomato Field and a Deliberate Celery Bunch Planting

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Several weeks ago we gave the garden a good cleaning out and sprucing up, you can read about that here, and in the process we accidentally set the stage for an invasion… Now some of you might remember our tomato surprise¬†from last year, a fabulous and delicious surprise, but a surprise nonetheless. Well it seems that between the cleaning, sprucing, and accidental planting from last season, we now have a full fledged tomato field on our hands… eek. I’m talking quite literally hundreds of little tiny plants, that have sprouted up all over our teeny tiny little box for vegetable growing.

Now I need to begin the painstaking task of thinning out the plants, so that only 1 or 2 healthy plants remain. This single surprise plant became a veritable beast, last season, reaching well over 6 feet tall and several feet in width! I can only think it’s predecessors will do the same, and frankly I just can’t eat that many tomatoes, no matter how good they are! I started removing the smaller plants here and there and will continue to thin away the remainder of the field, and hopefully give some to local peeps who might want a delicious variety of cherry tomatoes! Hopefully…

In the meantime, I am working on the area that will soon be freed from tomatoes and I just happened to notice one of my sweet friends on FB shared a picture of a Celery bunch with a caption noting that you can simply cut off the bottom of your bunch and plant it in the ground for new growth to sprout from! Well this was a fabulous piece of info for me since I happened to have just such a bunch from my salad making endeavor earlier this week! Guess what went right into the first available space I cleared in my veg bed? Yep… celery! We shall see if I might actually be successful with this. No guarantees with my vegetable gardening history!

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