Builders Showcase: Cheswick Coffee Table

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Project Image

I used 3 1x3s on the legs instead of a 2×3 and a 1×3.  The tabletop width is 23″ (original design called for 24″, but the cut of Padauk I had was only 23″ wide).  I hand sanded the legs, and screwed everything together by hand: the later because I didn't want to risk splitting any wood out… Especially on the pocket holes on the lower Padauk shelf.  All cuts were done with a circular saw by hand.

Estimated Cost 

~$250 in materials, (a good portion of this was the 8ft x 23″ x1″ Padauk)

Length of Time 

This took me about 100 hours or so due to doing some things by hand, and it being my first project.

Lumber Used 

Red oak, Padauk, (I considered using cheaper 2×2 Hemlock supports, but ended up cutting them a couple of 16ths short, so I replaced them with oak.)

Finishing Technique 

Watco teak oil

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