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Singing the Nursery Blues or Pinks

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It’s been a while since I have given you an update on life from the baby train, so I thought I would share with you some of the recent purchases I have made for the nursery! At my last doctor’s appointment (4 months / 16 weeks) the doctor was willing to wager this karate kid was a boy. He gave it an 85% chance, but since prawn baby the sequel was extremely squirmy that day, and standing on his or her head, it was awfully difficult to see much of anything other than a ‘super hero like’, faster than a speeding bullet blur. So as usual we aren’t entirely sure yet whether it’s a guy or gal, which makes planning a tad difficult, to say the least.

Of course I gave it the old college try and still managed to do a bit of power shopping, and simply chose items I knew I wanted, regardless! Everything else will have to wait a tad I suppose.

I found a crib in a nice bright white, that was extremely budget friendly, from IKEA. I didn’t want to go crazy on this item since in the grand scheme of things I know I will very likely build the baby a toddler bed so purchasing a convertible lifetime crib like we did with my Monster Mash seemed pointless. Besides my attention span on home decor is about as short as can be, so whatever I think I love now, I will detest in less than 2 years… for sure.

I chose the expedit shelves for placing baby’s clothes and blankets. I will use it like an open shelved dresser of sorts. I wanted simple and clean and everything where I can see it. This certainly fits the bill.

The mobile… need I say more. I saw this fabulous little thing in the sneak peak of Joy Cho’s nursery on Design Sponge and absolutely knew it was just the thing for baby.

I will be back tomorrow with an actual sneak peak of how the nursery is coming along and a project or two I even managed to tackle in there!

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