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Urban Farming and The Art of The Chicken Coop

05.03.12 By //
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Did you know that most counties include Chickens in their list of acceptable domestic animals? It’s quite true, assuming none of those chickens are actually roosters. That would violate most noise restrictions and bug your neighbors to death! So, does this news get your creative wheels turning? Does it bring out the urban farmer in you? It sure does for me. So while I work on a plan to increase the size of our backyard, I thought I would share 3 amazing examples of hand built chicken coops, one of which has plans available for purchase!

This gorgeous specimen from Heather Bullard is a farmhouse gal’s dream come true, and if that happens to be you, you are in luck because this is the coop you can purchase plans for!

For those of you who like a more modern style, this cool as a cucumber, more compact coop built by architect Mitchell Snyder is perhaps just the thing.

Built using the previous two coops as inspiration, this amazing display of building prowess by The Art of Doing Stuff, turned out spectacularly!

Have any of you embarked on the urban farming path? Did you build a coop or buy one? I would love to see…

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