Builders Showcase: Chesapeake Coffee Table

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Project Image

Lumber Used 

Just built this out of furring wood to test out this Kreg Jig. I bought the Pro Kit. I was pretty impressed with how this method allows you to essentially “clamp” the boards with screws. This meant no waiting for glue to dry at all so from start to finish this took me only about 5 hours! Wasn't sure how it was going to turn out so I used furring wood (cost total was about $20) in case it bombed. Its so clean my wife wants to keep it! LOL. I might have to throw a coat of paint on it seeing as how it's knotty pine and put it somewhere for her. 

In terms of directions, I would mention that you can't get it in the frame once it's built out. I had to actually remove one of the Side Boards to get it in and then replace that single board once it was in there. People should hold off on that side board until the end to allow clearance. 

Anyway, awesome piece of furniture! Considering buying some Eucalyptus or Cedar:) Thanks so much for the plans!

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