Builders Showcase: 38 Inch Chesapeake Banquette

07.10.12 By //
Project Image

This bench turned out beautifully. 

The Kreg Jig does tear a little at the wood, so it is a good idea to cut, drill and then sand and stain. The legs are kind of hard to “create” with a jigsaw, so once you make one, write down the measurements! (I did not, so now I have to go through that all over again when I make my next piece!) I had to draw and redraw them out on the wood first to make sure they where the same “general” shape. Also, sanding them together at the same time is a good idea, so the shapes can be as close to the same as possible. Also, I had to glue the seat slats in place on one day and come back a day later to drill from beneath for permanent attachment.

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