Builders Showcase: Provence Beam Dining and Benches

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Estimated Cost 

Choosing to build it from cedar and redwood definitely spiked the overall cost. Probably close to $600-800 for everything. I'm guessing had I stuck to the original plans of using just fir 2×4's the overall cost would have been significantly less.

Length of Time 

2 REALLY long weekends. 8 hours a day. Probably slower than most but I was really careful to measure multiple times and cut once.

Lumber Used 

Initially went to Home Depot but their selection of cedar was pretty poor. So I went to our locally-owned Ace Hardware and their selection of cedar was excellent. 2x6x10' Redwood for table top, 4×4 Cedar for base, 2×4 Cedar for rest of frame


Finishing Technique 

Teak oil for UV protection and weatherproofing. Ryobi 12″ Miter Saw (honestly I wouldn't want to build this again without this, a literal life saver and the finished product looks so much better). Irwin quick-grip slide clamps. These were essential. Kreg jig system. I'd say it's not imperative, but I sprang for the kit and the finished product looks great and is very strong. Elmer's Wood Glue. The obvious stuff like hammer, tape measure, pencil, sandpaper, drill

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