Choosing the Right Flooring and The Art of Compromise

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From grey painted wood floors to grey laminate flooring and tile, there is something of a perfect compromise in the gorgeousness that is a gray floor! We spoke earlier in the month about the dreamy and ethereal quality of white floors and while I absolutely adore the look, I’m fairly certain the responsibility is more than I can bear. But gray… oh j’adore gray… and as far as the amount of work a gray floor might require, I see it as being the perfect choice and a wonderful compromise from all directions. Not too light as to show all of the spills and footprints while not to dark as to show every dog hair and speck of dust within a mile. In a word…perfection!

I’m excited to announce my partnership with BestLaminate as an official blogger, and today’s topic is all about grey flooring and the art of compromise that it presents! Perhaps one of the more perfect flooring options out there, and of course it fits perfectly within the reclaimed love fest happening in blogland and beyond today!

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