Revised Deadly, Deadlier, Deadliest Medicine Cabinet

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I got the medicine cabinet plans from Design Confidential. Easy build but not easy to find the glass and drawer pulls I wanted. Neither Lowes nor HomeDepot offered opaque glass or plexiglass so I went to a local glass provider. Probably could have done better by just visiting my local flea market. I wanted drawer pulls that could hold a label but again not available locally. I found a wonderful web site for Kennedy Hardware and found just what I needed. Had to order twice what I needed to make the shipping costs worthwhile but I will use them on something later. Anyway I love the final result as do others that have seen it. I think if I make another one I will change the dimensions of the drawers to avoid any ends of the plywood showing forward. I will probably rework the present ones with some wood filler and fresh paint. If you build this project understand it is large and heavy so have substantial holding power when it is mounted on a wall.

The revised cabinet incorporates a photo of a medicine cabinet from a medeival French country hospita;.  Hope you like it.

Estimated Cost

About $70 just because I wanted certain glass and drawer pulls. The cost of materials was not great but about one-half of the plywood was not used.

Length of Time

I am estimating that the total time over four days was about 16 hours. Lots of time just waiting for glue and paint to dry before moving to the next step.

Lumber Used

Nearly 100% pine. I did use poplar plywood for the drawers.

Finishing Technique

Three coats of spray enamel paint on the visible surfaces and one or two coats on the other surfaces.

I met Sonja Caldwell, a photographer, on who had taken a photgraph of a medicine cabinet in a medeival charity hospital.  She worked really hard to size and crop the picture so it would fit in the open area in my cabinet.  I really like the final result.  Looks almost 3D.

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