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Master the Mix with One Kings Lane

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Good design is more often than not, about balance and proportion, rather than the actual items you choose for your home. It’s no secret that I love an eclectix mix of pieces in my home, but let’s be honest, for the average person Mastering the Mix isn’t always second nature. For me, one hard and steadfast rule I stick to when creating a masterfully mixed collection of pieces, is to simply choose pieces in colors and patterns and styles that I love. They may not always appear to work together initially, but once you begin to place your faves throughout your home, you typically find your ‘eclectic’ mix has more in common than you originally thought!

I’m excited to share the most recent sale from One Kings Lane with you. Master the Mix is a series of flawlessly curated pieces to help you get that perfect ‘mixed and not so matched’ look throughout your home! It’s free to join and you can take advantage of the incredible saving for this spectacular sales event. Click here to get started now, the sale won’t last long…

Let’s chat a bit more about how you might achieve that mixed eclectic look in many areas of your home:


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Master The Mix: Bedroom

Your bedroom and bathroom are your havens, the most private oases in your homes. Follow these simple tips and make yours stylish sanctuaries with plenty of (your) personality.
Play with Pattern & Palette: Combine solid modern neutrals like charcoal or navy with different patterns to achieve a sophisticated mix.
Juxtapose Styles: Mix finishes, colors, and styles for a curated effect that transcends trends—like an Asian garden stool with a classic linen headboard.
Harmonize with Color: When they share a similar hue, you can layer different textures and patterns—like summery prints and a nubby wool pillows—and still keep a unified tone.

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Variations On A Theme: Dec Acc

The surfaces in your home are blank canvases for you to decorate with as little or as much as you please. Here’s how to master the mix:
Play with Scale: Pair larger objects with smaller ones to bring new depth and dimension to a flat surface like a coffee table or bookshelf.
Embrace Color: Pick a color scheme and go with it. Some combinations we love are pastels and metallics, high-contrast brights and neutrals, and classics like blue and white.
Get a Feel for Things: Variations in texture bring visual interest to a room. Outfit your space with ceramics, glassware, or antique books for plenty of tactile charm.

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Master The Mix: Kids Room

A child’s rooms is all about breaking the rules and getting creative. Here’s how to make it (and keep it) fun, fresh and full of wonder.
Be Imaginative: Go with zigzags, polka dots, floral patterns or stripes. Take a cue from your kids and let creativity run wild from floor to ceiling.
Embrace the Mess: Kids means, but colorful baskets and storage benches and ottomans contain the clutter in flash—and in style.
Grownups Welcome: Sophisticated pieces have a place in a kid’s space. A plush modern chair makes a very cozy storytime venue.

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Master The Mix: Rugs And Pillows

A mix of rugs, pillows, and throws brings warmth, color, and texture to a space. Follow these simple tips for blending pieces you love:

Go Graphic: Choose an accent with a strong, bold design. Defined shapes look great on neutrals or alongside smaller prints.
Don’t Fear Color: Against a neutral background, hits of one vivid color are not overpowering—they convey a tailored, rich look.
Build Up: A rug is a room’s foundation. Neutrals are always a safe option, but an unexpected color can functions as a vivid work of art for your floor.

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Master The Mix: Furniture And Lighting

Sofas, beds, tables, chandeliers: These are the pieces that make a statement in a room. Varying the color, texture, and scale creates a layered, interesting look that’s all your own.

Mix, Don’t Match: Juxtapose a modern table with rustic chairs, a tailored sofa with a rococo lamp. Try straight lines with curves, hard textures with soft.
Simplify Your Palette: When mixing a number of diverse styles or patterns, stick to a tight color scheme. This gives a room a more unified look.
Make It Pop: One or two hits of unexpected color—say, a turquoise nightstand in a neutral bedroom—can give a room a jolt of energy.

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Master The Mix: Table And Kitchen

From dinner parties to family meals, the kitchen should be a welcoming space with equal parts style and function.
Vary the View: Open shelving with white dinnerware and brightly colored glasses, or accents of different shapes and sizes, creates an interesting vignette.
Layer, Layer, Layer: Create versatile settings with unusual pairings. Delicate traditional china and modern glasses sets a chic high/low scene.
Raid the Pantry: Fruit or brightly colored packaging can double as decor. A bowl of fresh citrus or a jar filled with bright candies is as alluring as a still-life painting.

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by the fine folks at One Kings Lane!

About One Kings Lane:

One Kings Lane is an online marketplace for the home that brings members exceptional value on a spectacular collection of top-brand, vintage and designer items. One Kings Lane was the first in the home industry to introduce Flash Sales (in 2009), Tastemaker Tag Sales (in 2010) and Movie Set Sales and Estate Sales (in 2011) – all of which bring unique, exceptional items that are hand-selected and deliver tremendous value for their customers.

One Kings Lane was founded by long-time apparel industry executive, Susan Feldman and seasoned digital media executive Alison Pincus, and launched in March 2009.  The idea of One Kings Lane came about because of a void that Susan and Alison recognized that needed to be filled: there was no single exciting, curated destination online where consumers could shop, find their favorite home and lifestyle brands, discover new ones and get inspired.

How One Kings Lane Works:

  • Sales on One Kings Lane launch at 8am PT/11 am ET and typically last 72 hours. Quantities are limited – shop early so you won’t miss out! Each day, you will find a mix of:
  • Daily Sales – Top-brand and beautifully merchandised assortments from top home decor and lifestyle brands. Shop categories that range from furniture and lighting to rugs, art, accessories, tabletop, bed and bath, travel, kids, pets, stationery, gifts, and much more.
  • Tastemaker Tag Sales – These popular events bring members one-of-a-kind furniture, accessories, antiques and more, personally hand-picked by today’s leading design visionaries from their own collections—at well below estimated value.
  • Vintage and Market Finds – The industry’s first curated marketplace brings One Kings Lane members an even broader selection of unique collectables and timeless pieces from the country’s top designers and antiques dealers. Vintage & Market Finds also allows members to shop by nine categories including: Art, Books, Decorative Accessories, Floor Coverings, Furniture, Lighting, Tabletop, Textiles and Wall Decor. New products are added daily and are sold on Vintage & Market Finds for five days, or until sold out.

All Images via One Kings Lane

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