Builders Showcase: An Armoire for Brooke

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I built the tall jewelry armoire as a special gift to a little 5 year old girl named Brooke. I got the design at this link on The Design Confindential….

Since November 2010 Brooke has been fighting a cancer called neuroblastoma. Her family has traveled the country for two years searching for the procedures, trials, medicines that will give Brooke a wonderful future. Brooke has a special gift for all young cancer patients called Brooke's Blossoms and I thought she need a place to hold her favorites. So the armoire. I hope to present it to Brooke upon her return to South Texas after treatments in micigan. If you want to know more try this link:

I followed the plan to a tee but I did add a small shelf. I have not stained or painted the case as I want Brooke to make that decision. I also did not add hooks because the parents need to be concerned with Brooke cutting herself so they will come up with the appropriate hangers.

The wood is a good grade of pine. The knob is from Hobby Lobby ($2) and the mirror tile from Lowes (about $1.25 but I had to buy six to get one. I don't have a router so the mirror and the other door display are held on the door with mirror clips. Total cost about $20.

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One day

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