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A little something exciting happened this past Saturday… Those of you who hang out with us on Facebook are already 'in the know', since I tend to share exciting news there first or at least to give a sneak peak or two on occasion…but for the rest of you, I will give you a clue (if the picture hasn't already)…

Ok, surprises are not my thing so I will just tell you instead, that the baby bird flew the coop, and he arrived a couple of days early at that! Yahoo! This was quite unexpected for a number of reasons, but suffice it to say that we were scheduled to hatch this bird on Monday morning, but late Friday night he decided he had different plans…

By early Saturday morning, the bird had landed and was the spitting image of his big brother, my Monster Mash boy. The notable difference between the two being in personality, as this little bug is quite the snuggle bunny. After having such a completely independent spirit for my first bambino, I have to say, it's kind of nice to experience the cuddliness of my second! 

He handled the car ride home like a champ! So basically, he slept the whole way, which is fine by me since all of you who are parents know this particular portion of the homecoming has the possibility of going terribly awry.

It was love at first when the little noticed the big, and the jury is still out about how the big feels regarding the little. I know he thinks he's cute, but I sense he is a tad nervous about the idea of a tiny baby in the house and what that will mean for him. He seems terrified of the prospect of diaper duty, as though a 4 year old would even be considered for the job. 

I feel like this bundle of joy has brought a much adored ray of sunshine to our lives and I am soaking in every second of it. It is so different with my second than with my first, in that the fear isn't there and it leaves the door wide open for experiencing the joy. Having a new baby is scary for a first time parent and exhausting in ways you can only understand once you have done it. In all honestly it took me till my first born was almost 4, for the life changes that come with being a parent to have firmly taken hold, and the exhaustion to have become a familiar and permanent fixture in my everyday life anyhow, to even consider that adding a baby to the mix  wouldn't completely put me over the top. This timing and spread seem to be ideal for me because this time around even the sleepless nights and virtually constant feedings are so totally fabulous. I'm for surely smitten with our new addition and love that I could share this gift with my monster mash boy. He is forever a big brother from this day forward… 

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