Simple and Elegant Side Table

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This table is my version of Design Confidential's Chesapeake Snack Table. I built it from 3/4″ solid oak flooring that was given to me. It is a special but simple and elegant table.  The base is pine and the top is made from oak flooring with the tongues and grooves cut off. I attached the top with only pocket hole screws and no glue so I could remove the top should it break or buckle.  The joints are very tight so weather changes could stress it beyond its breaking point.

Estimated Cost 

Cost was nearly nothing since the oak was given to me and the base was pine from my scrap pile but I would guess that the screws and glue could add up to a few dollars.

Length of Time 

About 3 hours not including the time for waiting for paint and stain to dry.  For that add another day.

Lumber Used 

Oak for the top and pine for the base.

Finishing Technique 

Minwax Golden Oak two coats

Three coats of Rustoleum Sating White Enamel spray.

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