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The wonderful wife wanted a corner cupboard so I built this one I found on Ana White's site. The address is Little did I know that I would have to repaint the entire dining room to match the corner cupboard. A really good project that will test your abilities and patience. Constantly keep everything level,vertical, and square. It is a trip to say the least. Most important follow the instructions and stay calm when things do come out as expected. I got the stone for the doors from the ReStore at Habitat for Humanity and the hardware from Kennedy Hardware in Indiana. I did make one mistake on the doors. See if you can find it. I call it a “Conversation Starter.”

Follow the instructions.  I filled the joints made by the sides meeting the front frame and back with 1/4″ dowel.  The plans can be found at

Estimated Cost 

Less than $200.  Cost rose because I spent about $30 for the cast iron hardware and $24 for the stone to fill the voids in the doors. I also bought the better grade of pine for the front frame and door frames.

Length of Time 

About a week.  Had to wait on the hardware to arrive and I gave the cabinet three coats of paint.  The grout also took 48 hours to dry.

Lumber Used 

Pine lumber and sanded pine plywood.

Finishing Technique 

Three coats of Behr Pearly White with a lot of pre-sanding and sanding between the first two coats.

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