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Bedside Table Cher Inspired

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I needed a larger bedside table but needed inspiration.  That came in the form of the beautiful striped table built by Cher.  I just downsized it by trying to make the bedside table top copy Cher's creation. I came close but nothing as beautiful.

Then I ran across the Brina table on Old Paint Design.

With a couple of size adjustments I built what you see.  My first time adding drawer slides but they seemed to work ok and the stain was a little difficult to get right but I think with time my table will develop a nice patina and character,

The top is not glued to the base just held on with nine 11/4″ screws through the top supports. 

Estimated Cost 

Oak for the top was free

 Legs $8  (I use 2×2 fence posts that cost $2 for 3 feet)

 Plywood $11 (Didn't need as much as the plan because I had wood for the top)

 The Rest about $10

 Stain $6

 So a total of about $35 plus screws and glue

Length of Time 

This table took a really long time….It took a lot of pre-thinking actions to avoid costly mistakes.

 The top took me a week of evenings.  The table itself took another week of evenings.  Then add two days for finishing and you are approaching three weeks of evenings. 

 We should never underestimate how long a project really takes. You can build the box in a few hours but the pre-planning, care, and finishing can add days to any project.

Lumber Used 

Oak for the top

 Pine for the remainder including sanded pine plywood for the sides and floor.

Finishing Technique 

Ok the top was stained with Minwax Ebony, Cherry, Mahogany, and Oak.  Each board individually before constructing the top.

 The base is Rustoleum Kona.  Several coats.  I also used pre-conditioner but it still has some blotchy and uneven spots. As I said before with time the table will gain its personal patina and character.

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