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Sooooo I didn't send out Holiday Cards this year 'in real life' so for all of you who were hoping to get one from us, a big I'm sorry in advance! A digital card of my gorgeous boys, a week late, will have to do…

By the way did I mention how hard it is to get a decent picture of a baby, while they are awake, and not laying flat? ya…hard… I finally had to settle on a solo shot with my hand in it, oh well. Baby Bird you did a marvelous job despite being a bit of a bobble head and having your mommy try and snag a picture of you before you toppled over 18 times in a row! Mommy loves you baby… you are such a good sport for this kind of torture Penn! High Fives…

Though honestly, it was my older boy Blake who was the toughest to nail down, as in squirming like his life depended on it. Every shot was a smear across the camera screen. What is it about 5 year old boys that means they can't hold still one bit? It was like I was speaking a foreign language to him, that his body couldn't handle… hold still, look at the camera, quit moving for 5 seconds… or not… even still I managed to get a couple of cute pictures, but just barely! I consider myself lucky (and grateful) for what I got! Life is certainly never dull with 2 boys! 

These pictures were snapped on Christmas Eve this year and I could just die a little for how cute Blake is with Penn. He absolutely adores him and calls him 'cutesy'. Everyone expected a bit of jealousy or some sort of negative reaction perhaps to having another star to share the spotlight with, but in all honesty it hasn't reared it's ugly head just yet (fingers crossed it stays that way). Having a new baby for Christmas this year, made this such a special holiday season for me… I hope you all had a wonderful holiday as well! Hugs from the Turner Fam!

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