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DIY Rustic Fall and Holiday Tree In Under 10 Minutes

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Rustic Thankful Trees were a big craft hit this Fall season, and I for one love the idea… but alas, we live in a relatively newly developed suburban area surrounded by moo cows. That means there aren’t any fabulous cut or fallen branches to be had…unless of course you want to behead your lovely backyard specimens (not likely).

When I found the perfect solution and a most fabulous bit of inspiration at The Home Depot, I pretty much did a little happy dance… There is nothing more frustrating than wanting to create something, that you simply can’t find the ingredients for.

So for those of you who are in the same boat I am, or just want to take things up a notch and move your rustic trees to the next level… I give you my LED Rustic Holiday Tree, perfect for thankful thoughts, holiday wishes, and just general all around wondrousness (ya pretty sure that’s a word, innit?).

Before I dive right in to how I made this beauty, I would like to share a bit about The Home Depot Fall Style Guide, since I’m an official member of their blogger network, and this project was brought to you by those kind and fabulously stylish folks.. yahoo

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​But first let me share a bit of my project with you before you go skipping away…

…And now back to our previously scheduled programming and a bit about how I made this fab specimen! It was oh so easy!

I began this project with 4 items: an urn, a package of yard decorations, assorted zip ties (see my wreath project for details on those), and a bag of small gravel. I could have used sand as well but I have a sandbox loving monster mash kiddo so that was a no go…can you imagine the mess, eek!

I mean…do you see this face? It has trouble written all over it.

I added a bit of gravel to the urn, just enough to give my ‘tree’ a leg to stand on and allow it to stand up a bit.

To create my ‘tree’ I simply bundled all three yard picks together in varying heights and zip ties them in 3 spots. Easy peasy…

I separated out the cord that links the picks together from the cord that plugs in and simply wrapped the cord that links around the bundled tree picks to keep things under wrap.

Then I stuck my bundle into the gravel and filled it the rest of the way up, making sure to keep the cord that plugs in, running out the back of the urn.

That’s it folks… super easy and extra all quick like… don’t you adore a fast craft? I do!

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