Goal Setting and The New Year 2013

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Well we did it… we wrapped up our Really Big Holiday Giveaway with complete and utter success! I hope you all enjoyed that as much as I did! So fun…

I thought that since we are celebrating our 3rd year here at TDC, that perhaps it is high time we change things up a bit and get a bit more personal around these parts. I have a few things I have been wanting to do, and a new year of blogging fun is the perfect excuse to get down to business and start checking things off the list! I feel like saying things out loud and putting them in print will give me a bit more pressure to actually make these things happen, so I am going to make a quick list of some of those goals and items I hope to accomplish for the year ahead…

Ok here goes…

  • I want to share more about myself, my family and the happenings around our home – after all you guys have never even seen Mr. TDC! eek…
  • Complete more home decor projects around my own home – start walking the walk rather than talking the talk.
  • Round out my content and bring back former columns that I have let fall by the wayside – make this a bit more of a well rounded lifestyle blog rather than only a DIY blog
    • Style Files
    • Retail Therapy
    • The Artist Inside
    • Color Connection
    • Lust List
    • Holiday Celebrate
    • Kiddo Kunundrums (ya I just made that one up… I needed something clever that went with the word Kiddo)
    • DIY + Project Roundups
  • ​Purchase One Pretty Thing for my home each month and share that as a new column
  • Post twice a day rather than just once.
  • Post more plans and more showcases.
  • Share amazingness from around the interwebs…after all I am completely inspired on a daily basis, and why not celebrate that fact!
  • Spend more time interacting with all of you on social media outlets (FB, Twitter, G+, Instagram, etc)
  • Create more video content
  • Get the forum working properly and thriving for sharing, project requests and questions etc…
  • Make our FB page a fully interactive experience where all of you feel comfortable posting questions!!!
  • Create and mediate a community on G+ for building and all things DIY related!
  • Bring on additional talent here at TDC for other areas of design (graphics, photography, crafting, etc)… holla if this is you!

Ok that is all I can think of at the moment… now that I blathered on forever…

Psst…I would love to know if there are things you would like to see here as well, afterall you are all the stars of this show and what you guys ultimately want, matters most! 

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