Minwax's Really Big Holiday Giveaway

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For all of my fellow builders and furniture refinishers, today's giveaway from Minwax is going to be an absolute favorite! The Minwax toolbox quite literally comes with one of everything! Yahoo! I would love to be a fly on the wall during the exploration of these products…I can hear the squeals of joy now! I can't wait to hear which products you like best! And yes I expect a full report back…

Before we dive right into the giveaway I would just like to briefly mention an amazing program that Minwax has for recognizing those folks who do amazing things with wood for their community. If you know someone who goes above and beyond, please enter them for a chance to win amazing cash prizes and a monthly pruduct prize, to show them you appreciate them! Click here for more info about the Minwax 'Do Good With Wood', the award that builds stronger communities!

Click here to view the other giveaways that are also underway!

PRIZE: Minwax Toolbox

SHIPS TO: Continental US

GIVEAWAY: Runs through December 13, at midnight, winner will be announced Friday morning December 14th.

Ps…there is a link to “share” the giveaway with friends at the very bottom of the rafflecopter box for you to earn even more entries if you like!!

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