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I shared with you my one single solitary NYE project this year, here. What I didn't share with you was the transformation of this entire wall of my Master Bedroom and the DIY Pixel Art I completed to brighten things up a bit! So share I shall… all the wonderfully gory details! But not today… today I shall share how I made the Pixel Art and we will reconvene here later for the full transformation post! Ha… did I just seriously piss you off or what? Feel free to call me a tease, it's pretty much a true story!

To see more of my home and follow along with my transformations, visit my Home Tour page found under the Living tab in my menu!


I bought myself a couple of these enormous frames from IKEA because I was feeling rather large and in charge and wanted a big piece of art for this space to reflect that. It might have been a tad too big, but it serves it's purpose, indeed!

I used the print above, by Fabian Tabibian as my inspiration for this project, but you could just as easily buy it if you prefer.

Because I'm kind of a lazy crafter I used the paper insert as my canvas. I traced out the inside edge of the mat so I would have my boundaries and then divided it up into relatively equal sized squares using a pencil.

Then I simply painted the squares using my trusty craft paints in a pattern and color scheme that worked for me and looked like it might be an image blown up into it's pixelated form. 

And then I decided I hated it in this space… womp womp. So I switched it out with a painting from another room and I'm a much happier cranky pants mama. I will be back later to show you where she ended up and what took her place! Yahoo.

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