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Happy New Year 2013

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Happy New Year my friends! I hope you all had a fabulous night and celebrated the new year like rockstars, on my behalf. I am fairly certain I fell asleep well before midnight, BUT I was awake for the turning of the clock for EST (east coast time)… Too bad I live in the PST, but in truth I am still on NBT (newborn baby time) and will probably stay that way for several more months! Eek! I can't believe it's 2013, but I am super duper excited to see what this coming year has to offer. I feel so blessed for what 2012 brought, with a new baby and a crazy 5 year old, 2 dogs who finally like each other and a hubster who is adored by everyone (except me, I'm cranky when sleepless, grr).

In true DIY blogger fashion I had to at least try and cram in one crafty project with sparkle. I used Martha's tinsel New Year's Banner for 2011 as my inspiration, and just made my own number 3. Heck I even whipped out the old glue gun for this one (that baby had cobwebs on it, I swear it)

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