A Little Art Switcheroo Makes Everything New

01.22.13 By //
Project Image

A little switcheroo makes everything new, but it doesn’t necessarily mean I like it…. I will say it’s an improvement over the last option, seen here. In truth, both paintings are fine, and I really only dislike these options because I have this idea in my mind about how this space should feel and look, and this isn’t it. This vintage landscape is wonderful and I love everything about it. It’s definitely closer to that ideal than the pixelated art given the colors, but it isn’t quite there yet. Back to the drawing board for now, but in the meantime it will make a very fine placeholder, no?

How about you guys… any artistic musical chairs going on in your spaces? Are you as indecisive as I currently am? Nothing like a little rearranging to give a space a whole new feel!

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