Penn’s 2nd Monthly Photo for December 2012

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I shared Penn’s 1 month photos with you here, and now we are back with his 2 month old photos for the month of December! Yay, this baby isn’t as far behind as the last one! Perhaps I’m stepping up my game a bit? Probably not.. I chose this first picture as the all around ‘winner’ of the bunch once again because like in his first photo shoot it has all of the typical components you might look for in a newborn shoot: he’s facing the camera, no blurry body parts and his props are perfectly poised (translation = his hat isn’t weird or wonky). Again I am no photographer so these shots could all be 100 times better, but I do think my skills at getting him to cooperate improved a tad over his first month… or he was simply a tad older and wiser in his second month… who knows?

I love his body position in this photo with his little wise seeming chin to hand thing, it’s quite Rodin… And those little crossed legs = to die for! But his hat wasn’t following directions and looks just plain ridiculous so boo…

This one, once again the least perfect in composition because the poor creature looks a tad like he’s on a runaway sleigh ride down a hill, is my absolutely fave! His little face and body are the absolutely mostest… adore!

The ‘best’ of his monthly photos, side by side, so I can see how much older he looks for the second month… I hope he stays little forever, but since he won’t at least I will have these lovely keepsakes to mark his growth!

Of course I couldn’t end this post without the montage of my favorites, side by side as well. My little angel baby…

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