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Those cords dangling down make me cringe, just looking at them… It’s one of the most nagging tasks on my ‘to-do list’ this year. Truthfully, my homeward bound tasks far outnumber the hours in a day and the weeks in a year, but I plan on tackling as many as I can, one project at a time.

Does the New Year put things in perspective for you? It sure does for me, and shedding off the old year makes my need to refine, fix, and perfect only that much greater. If I were to share EVERY project on my ‘get er done’ list with you, this would be a very long article indeed, so I thought I might share some of my most pressing project needs for my Master Bedroom, with all of you!

You see I spend most of my time in my room. The baby sleeps in here with us, my monster mash boy plays in here, I work in here… in other words, we basically only leave to gather food and drink and promptly return to this space. When there are projects that need doing in this particular place, they have a way of staring you down, day in and day out until someone decides to pull the plug and tackle the job. This of coure usually means me since the mister is rarely home and when he is he could care less about unruly cords and a headboard.

In all the excitement around these parts lately I haven’t mentioned that I got myself a new bed… a bigger bed, which means my gorgeous hand built bed of yore no longer works…. Also because I am currently without a footboard, my sheets continuously slide down toward the end of the bed, which is maddening I tell you. I have got to get going on a new replacement and soon before I completely lose my mind!

This wall, poor lonely thing that it is, needs some serious TLC. A few of you may have already noticed a few changes that have taken place here, but in all honesty I am feeling like it’s back to the drawing board and none of those changes will stay! Eek!

This project was completed almost a year ago when I originally began working on my Master and then promptly began having morning sickness…ugh. I was working with a budget back then and even though I am still working on a budget, I plan to upgrade this wall a tad to reflect my original plans more closely.

I have a lot to work on in this one single solitary space, so if you can imagine that EVERY room in my house needs this much lovin’ you might be able to fathom the number of projects that actually need to happen this year. It’s enough to make you gag on your lunch, but it should be a good time trying to actually do a few of these and I can tell you it will be a much easier job well done with all the proper tools… Like this set for example. Can I get a yahoo for interchangeable Lithium Ion batteries? YAHOO!!!

And how would you like to win one of these sets for yourself?? Oh you would?? Fabulous, read further for instructions!!! But first a few quick thoughts about RYOBI Nation and the RYOBI ONE+ technology!

  • RYOBI Nation is an online destination for power tool and DIY enthusiasts to share photos of their project successes, vote on their favorite projects for the opportunity to win prizes and have access to special offers on Ryobi power tools.
  • The RYOBI ONE+ system offers more versatility, value and performance for DIYers and pros on a budget. The Home Depot has over 50 Ryobi products that are compatible with the Ryobi ONE+ Lithium Ion battery. Drills, saws, outdoor power tools and other types of tools all use the ONE+ battery.
  • Perfect for any DIYer, the RYOBI18V ONE+ Lithium Ion Compact Drill Kit features the latest in power tool technology. Weighing less than three pounds, the RYOBI One+ Compact Drill Kit is easy for users of any strength or skill level to use.

​One of the entry options below is to upload a project to RYOBI Nation which I highly recommend since they offer monthly contests for amazing prizes! I joined and uploaded a project too, you can see my page down below! If you wanted to vote for my project you could.. hint hint!

The Home Depot Disclosure Statement
The Home Depot partnered with bloggers such as me to help promote their Lithium Ion power tool collection. As part of this promotion, I received compensation for my time. They did not tell me what to purchase or what to say about the products. The Home Depot believes that consumers and bloggers are free to form their own opinions and share them in their own words. The Home Depot’s policies align with WOMMA Ethics Code, FTC guidelines and social media engagement recommendations.

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