Style Files: Colorful Chaos in Coral Hued Office Space

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I am always a strong lover and proponent of cool colors with high contrast and streamlined, organized, and clutter free spaces… but if I really take a close look at what inspires me, it's often quite the opposite, and I'm always taken by surprise… shocker… I hardly know a thing about myself, clearly I'm delusional! 

There is something magical about an office space that is so obviously inspiring to it's human inhabitant and tends toward the chaotic and highly layered. I adore the messy and carefree moodboards and the warm girlish colors each of these spaces shows. While normally I think I fall into this design style personality, perhaps I'm wrong… or schizophrenic…

Multiple Design Personalities… it must be a thing…

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I try my best to find the original sources but sometimes they allude me. If you know the original source please let me know so I can provide proper credit. Xx…Rayan

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