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A Monster Mash Big Boy Room And A New Bed

02.09.13 By //
Project Image

This is happening….. yahoo! Someone is getting a room makeover and I'll give you a clue: his name starts with Monster and ends with Mash! The last update I gave you all for this space still included his Low Loft Bunk, and was back when his room was being updated with his new Industrial Cart Bed which you can see below. Needless to say he was sad to see those go. BUT on the brightside, both those items are getting a whole new purpose in life and one will be in an entirely new location and I can't wait to share all the deets with you guys! 

There are quite a few projects yet to be done in here, but it will likely take me 2 years to finish things so I will give you a list of the resources you see here so far… Some are built and some are made.

Source List:

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