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On The Hunt For Curtains

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I have been on the hunt for curtains to hang in the master bedroom for more than a year! Actually I suppose it’s truly been closer to 3 years, eek! You see for the first 2 years in this house I simply didn’t know which direction I wanted to head with my decor in the master, and for the last year I haven’t been able to find something I loved to match my planned design (which you can see here). Gray, white, black, yellow, or beige and perhaps something graphic yet not to overstated. Maybe a stripe, maybe a whimsical pattern…I just don’t know where to go and I don’t love anything I see online. If I love it, it’s the wrong color, and if it’s the right color, the price is horrendous… This is just not working out as easily as I want it to. You can see some of the options I like in this post, but simply don’t knock my socks off or aren’t available in a color that works for this room.

I am no stranger to making curtains as you may remember from here, here and here, but I can’t even decide on something I want to make. Which colors and what kind of pattern or design? I am absolutely bored to death with most of the stencil options and patterns and I am in desperate need of something completely new and different. Something that makes me do the happy dance…

I’m thinking the perfect answer will be some fun fabric option that I simply cut to length and hem… so now I’m on the hunt for the perfect fabric…

Have you been on the lookout for curtains too? Do you have some good suggestions for me? Maybe you found some curtains that knock your socks off for an affordable price or perhaps a fun fabric you like that would translate well in this space?

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