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Nursery Moody Blues and an Electric Pop Mobile

02.05.13 By //
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Some of you probably remember my plan of attack for the bird’s nursery.. you can read more about that here. I thought I would update you on what’s been done so far, yahoo! I am obviously avoiding my master bedroom right now since my last update was on the progress in that room, or lack thereof… But my next round of projects for that space are a bit more involved and the bird leaves little to no time for that fun stuff, most days.

So I’m flitting around room to room working on little projects here and there, and like the terrible blogger that I am, this project is one I could have shared months ago, and didn’t… yay for procrastination.

In the bird’s moodboard, I show the most fabulous mobile with paper gems and a pop of color among the remaining moody blues. I was so excited to order this guy and so excited to put it together and get it hung (way back in April of last year…) and then tragedy struck! Nobody croaked or anything, but the mobile thread (yes that is what it dangles from) broke in two places and 2 of the paper gems didn’t have the sticky stuff to put them together. *Insert unhappy face here*

Luckily customer service was wonderful and they sent a replacement right out and this one was intact. BUT… in true pregnant mama fashion I decided I hated the colors. They weren’t quite like they are shown on the package or on the site. They were decidedly more muted and a bit blah to be quite honest.

Since this bad boy was paper… you know I couldn’t let it rest as is and I took to it with some craft paint and crayon. I added a turquoise blue, sea green, and pink in paint and went over the browns and beiges. Then I used a white colored pencil and lightly went over the orange color which made it decidedly more neon orange in person, which is awesome!

You can see how this little corner of the room is shaping up. I still have a ton to do and of course as soon as I finish I will very likely change everything up and begin again since I have the worst case of Design ADD known to man… In the meantime it will be fun to share some of the easy peasy projects with you guys and see how baby bird likes his new digs. He will be ready to move in within the month I think, and it will likely take me till next year to get around to sharing the deets, ha… exciting times my lovelies!

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