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Classic Foundation, Playful Punctuation is more than just a whimsical saying, it's the mantra of famed designer Jonathan Adler and a pretty smart M.O. at that. Now his philosophy is more of a description of his style, rather than an ideal, in that his basic foundation is that of classic design pieces with modern playful elements and a retro throwback twist layered on top. But there is something fabulous to be gleaned from this idea, aside from the fun and fabulousness of his style of course, and that is one very smart philosophy to live and design by. Think about it… by making your foundation pieces classic or timeless even, you can change out your accessories on a whim and without major cost. That is the basic sensibility of investing in pieces you may never tire of as the foundation of your home decor to be built upon by adding layers of fun on top. Love it… 

Check out some Jonathan Adler inspired rooms here and then visit the Look Book for more! I have partnered with HomeSav to bring you this deliciousness and I think you will enjoy this fun and playful smattering of decor and ideas!

All images courtesy of Jonathan Adler

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