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This has been an awfully tough week here at the House of TDC. My grandma passed away Wednesday evening and this loss has rocked my world in ways I can’t even put words to. The picture of her in the middle of this collage was taken the night before her passing, and might be one of the best photographs she has ever taken. How lucky we are to have it.

I realize that I have been relatively silent about some of the personal stuff surrounding this, and going on in the background here, but in all honesty I haven’t really known how to talk about it. My grandma was a mother figure in my life and we were extremely close. More than I can explain, really. My Monster Mash boy adored her and she loved him like the son she never had (she has two daughters). Even though he was technically her great grandson, you would never guess that extra generational gap existed.

There is an important story to tell of this last year of her life, and one that might help others in the future, but I’m simply not able to write this today. In a couple of hours we will be gathering as a family to clear her belongings from her room and I’m honestly not sure how this will be. It certainly makes things final… I’m not sure I will handle that well. I’m really struggling and this will be a long road of healing. Things may be spotty around here for the next few weeks, but putting my head into work and my boys is a wonderful distraction. Nothing would make her happier than to know I was spoiling my boys rotten with love and attention, so I plan to honor her and celebrate her, by doing exactly that.

I hope you all have a wonderful Easter Weekend and I hope to share her story with you soon. It’s important and my telling it might be a very small catalyst to bringing some much needed awareness to a very important subject. It’s a story I will need to tell as soon as the wound isn’t so fresh.

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