Penn's 4th Monthly Photo for February 2013

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Since the Bird is nearing his 5th monthly birthday I figured I should actually share his monthly photos for February! Always behind… always… 

I began this month's palette with a little black and gold, you know, to keep it manly… then threw in some pale pink to keep things lovey dovey for the heart shaped holiday! This first shot is my favorite and his best with that huge smile happening! Love him…

The side by side collage of his 'best' monthly photos so you can see how he has grown… double triple love him. This is going by way to fast…

The shot above is fabulous because it shows you all what was going on 'behind the scenes' if you will. He is a motor boating expert and bubble blowing genius I tell you. I have NEVER seen so much spitting going on in a four month old. It must mean he is extra special, don't you think? Ha! Not to mention he is in full on teething mode, so when it's not motor boating it's just plain drool. It's been wet around here folks… eek!

A fabulous collage of all of my favorite shots. Most of these are either a bit funny (his runaway sled pose in December for example) or very indicative of his personality and current to that month's behaviors (drooling, arm posing, etc). 

To see the other monthly photos, click here.

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